Phone and Email

Emergency:  911

Police: 911
  732-291-1212 non emergency
Fire: 911
  732-291-1794 non emergency
First Aid: 911
  732-291-8118 non emergency


Borough Hall - 100 First Avenue


Administrator: Robert Ferragina x3101
Building Department: Elizabeth Merkel x3106
Chief Financial Officer Holman Frenia Allison, PC x3104
Code Enforcement Officer: Richard Colangelo x3111
Court Administrator:

Martha Diaz-Verson

Press #4 at main menu
Municipal Clerk: Michelle Clark x3103
Planning Board Secretary: Erin Uriarte x3108

Registrar of Vital Statistics

Michelle Clark x3107

Human Resources:

Elizabeth Merkel x3107
Tax/ Utility Collector: Diane Berg x3105
Tax Assessor Renee Frotton x3109
Public Works Director Jim Phillips  x3110
West Lincoln Avenue Recycling Facility 732-291-0472
Recreation         Press #6 at main menu
Harbor: AH Harbor Office Press #5 at main menu
Monmouth County Library:                                Press #3 at main menu

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Additional Phone Number and Departments

EMERGENCIES   732-291-1212   
Amusement Games Borough Clerk 732-291-1444
Animal Bites-Monmouth Board of Health 732-431-7456
Animal Complaints Police 732-291-1212
Tax Assessment Tax Assessor 732-291-1122
Bingo Licenses Borough Clerk 732-291-1444
Birth Certificates Vital Statistics 732-291-1444
Planning Board Planning Board 732-291-1444
Board of Education Board of Education 732-291-2020
Building Permits Building Inspector 732-291-1122
Cat Licenses Records Bureau 732-291-1444
Child Health Conference Board of Health 732-431-7456
Communicable Diseases Board of Health 732-431-7456
Court, Municipal Court Administrator 732-291-3225
Death Certificates Vital Statistics 732-291-1444
Dog Licenses Records Bureau 732-291-1444
Driveway Permits Building Department 732-291-1122
Elections Borough Clerk 732-291-1444
Emergencies Police, Fire, Medical 911
Fire Safety/Fire Dept. Business Fire Safety Official 732-291-2002
Garbage Collection Supt. DPW Supervisor 732-291-1444
Health Health 732-431-7456
Library Librarian 732-291-1956
Lights, Street Police 732-291-1212
Marriage Licenses Vital Statistics 732-291-1444
Mayor Borough Clerk 732-291-1444
Office of Emergency Management Director 732-291-1444
Owner of Property Tax Assessor 732-291-1444
Parks and Trees Public Works 732-291-1444
Planning Board Planning Board 732-291-1444
Police Calls - Non-Emergency Police 732-291-1212
Raffle Licenses Borough Clerk 732-291-1444
Recreation Department Recreation 732-291-1444
Recycling DPW 732-291-1444
Rent Board Rent Board 732-291-1444
Sanitary Nuisances Health Officer 732-431-7456
Sewer Service Public Works 732-291-0027
Sidewalk Permits Building Department 732-291-1122
Social Services Social Services Director 732-872-3200
Street Maintenance Public Works 732-291-1444
Street Permits Borough Clerk 732-291-1444
Taxes Tax Collector 732-291-3297
Trash Collection Public Works 732-291-1444
Trees Public Works 732-291-1122
Tree Removal Code Enforcement 732-291-1444
Vital Statistics Registrar 732-291-1444
Voter Registration Borough Clerk 732-291-1444