Message from the Mayor’s Office:

Wednesday evening, November 28th,at 6:30 pm, Middletown is hosting a Public Information Session on home and business repair and rebuilding. This event will be held at the Middletown High School North Auditorium, 63 Tindall Road.

We understand that there are some rather significant rules and regulations with which you may need to comply when it comes to major repairs and rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy. FEMA and SBA representatives will be on hand to explain the recovery process and to answer questions.

All property owners are cautioned to check with the Atlantic Highlands Building Department before undertaking any major repairs to your homes or business to be sure you are fully aware of the regulations with which you may have to comply. This meeting will not involve the Army Corps of Engineers or any discussion of beach replenishment projects. Those topics will be addressed at future meetings.

Also, this Saturday, Highlands is seeking assistance in continuing to help with their clean up. If you are available, please be at the Highlands Skate park at 8:30 am.