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Check here for commonly used forms. If we're missing something, please let us know. Note that the forms will open in a new window.

Open Public Records Request Form [OPRA]:

This form is to be utilized to request Open Public Records.

  • OPRA "requires all requestors to submit written OPRA requests, preferrably on an agency's official OPRA records request form."
  • The form must be signed .
  • PLEASE BE SPECIFIC WITH THE INFORMATION YOU ARE REQUESTING . We will not be repsonsible for mis-interpreting your request. A proper request under OPRA must identify with reasonable clarity those documents that are desired, and a party cannot satisfy this requirement by simply requesting “any” or “all” information. Custodians are not required to conduct research or create new records in response to an OPRA request. See Bent v. Stafford Police Department, 381 N.J.Super. 30, 37 (App. Div. 2005). Wholesale requests for general information to be analyzed, collated and compiled are not “encompassed” by OPRA, See New Jersey Builders Association v. New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing, 390 N.J.Super. 166, 180 (App. Div. 2007).
  • If the Documents requested require mailing, please submit your request by mail along with all appropriate fees. If not then you will be notified and asked to forward any appropriate fees prior to the information being mailed.
  • Fees for copying are:
  • Regular size pages $.05 per page  [8 1/2 x 11]
  • Legal size pages $.07 per page         [8 1/2 x 14]
  • Standard mailing costs are $.25 for each envelope plus postage.

If you need assistance please feel free to contact Michelle Clark at 732-291-1444 ext. 3103.

If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this website, please email the Borough Clerk.

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