Historic Stages of Slump Blocking at Eastpointe and Mt Mitchill Scenic Overlook Park (Reproduced from Minard 1974, Figure 6 and displayed in the Park)

Diagrammatic cross-sections through the bluff at the location of slump block
(A), showing progressive steps in the history of the slumping

1) Land surface before slumping:


2) Primary slumping of block A:


3) Secondary slumping showing secondary block (A2) sheared from
front of primary block A, leaving block A1.

Secondary slumping probably occurred with and immediately after
primary slumping:

4) Present surface (solid line) of slump block A (A1 + A2) in relation
to pre-erosion surface, as it existed immediately after slumping
of block A2:


5) Present erosion-modified surface of slump block A (A1 + A2)
and bluff from which block detached: