Agenda for monthly meeting, February 17, 2009. 7:00 pm in Senior Center


1. Earth Day planning - April 25                                                                    Brent Sonnek-Schmelz

                        - Selection of activities

                        - Recruitment of volunteers

                        - Publicity


2.  Lenape Woods                                                                                           Jim Krauss

            Work day - April 26:                                                             

                        - Selection of activities

                        - Recruitment of volunteers

                        - Publicity

            Storage shed and assembly/inventory of tools

            Checklist of plans and projects

            Training of trail volunteers (County Parks), March 14


3.  2009 budget of Environmental Commission                                               Paul Boyd


4. Draft Borough Council resolution on parking access to scenic                   Paul Boyd

outlook at Hofbrauhaus (sent out by email last week)


5.  Waterfront Day - September                                                                      Paul Boyd

            Chair and committee

            Proposed events

            Possible linkage with Lenape-Hudson 400th anniversary 


6.  ANJEC workshop on Environmental Commission                         Paul Boyd

            roles and tasks, March 14


7.  Possible initiatives:

a)   Osprey nest at Wagner Creek                                                                    Paul Boyd

b)   Scenic Byways – county project involving Atlantic Highlands                Paul Boyd

c)   “Green team” training March 21 – County initiative. See p. 2 below       Paul Boyd

d)   Bayshore “green map” – initiative of Bayshore Regional                         Paul Boyd

            Watershed Council. See p. 3 below


8. Other business

Agenda for Feb. 17, 2009                                                                                                      Page 2


“GREEN TEAM” -- letter from Monmouth County Cool Cities Partnership


January 21, 2009


Dear Community Leader,


Is your Green Team ready to go to work?


If you recall, in our November 15, 2008 Green Team Training – Part I, we recommended that each municipality create a Green Team.  We urge you to form this team, if you have not already done so!  The objective of each team is to formulate a Climate Action Plan which will establish goals and identify actions needed by your municipality to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Shortly you will be receiving an invitation to Green Team Training – Part II, “Creating a Climate Action Plan for Your Town”.  This event, scheduled for Saturday, March 21, 2009, will be held at the Agricultural Building on Kozloski Rd., Freehold.  Please mark your calendar now.


Green Team Training – Part II – will be an important next step in your community’s progress toward becoming sustainable.




Marie Savoia, Chair

Monmouth County Cool Cities Partnership


Your Green Team members may be drawn from the following groups:

Mayor and Council

Environmental Commission

Planning Board

Borough Administrator

Water and Sewer Department

Road Department

Shade Tree Commission

School Board


Local Businesses

Chamber of Commerce

Shopping Mall

Civic Organizations

Faith Communities

Concerned Citizens




Agenda for Feb. 17, 2009                                                                                                      Page 3




Greetings fellow Bayshore Watershed folks,


As discussed during our previous watershed meeting on January 8th, a topic was brought up for creating a “Green Map” for the Bayshore region.


 The map would highlight not only trails, creeks, and scenic roads, but unique natural, historical, and economic resources of the Bayshore region. For example, some of the possible areas to be highlighted on the map would be: marinas, public beaches, onshore fishing sites, bike and kayak rental shops, kayak launching sites, green markets, green businesses and/or services, health food stores, environmental centers, waterfront parks, historic features, wetland areas, and watchable wildlife sites, such as places to see active Osprey nests.


In addition, the map could highlight those natural and historical areas threatened with development, such as Freneau Woods and Stone Road Meadows; among others.


We plan to pay for the creation of this map via grants, donations, and advertisements from green businesses.  It sounds like a really good idea, but certainly there will be much work to complete this project. This is a long-term project.


We start now, however, by asking all watershed members to add their thoughts on what additional sites and categories might be included on a map. Please be specific. Please include all natural, historical, economic, and cultural sites in your community that you can think of, which you would like to see in a green map.


 For more information on what is a green map, please click on to this website: http://www.greenmap.org/  


Please email me your thoughts.

Thank you & fair winds,


Joe Reynolds, Co-Chair BRWC