May 20 2008 Environmental Commission Agenda

Environmental Commission Agenda May 20, 08


NOTE:  Meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Senior Building


1.      Earth Day Activities   Laura Dubois

2.    Victorian Woods Detention Basin Correspondence

3.    Lenape Woods - Camping   - Don Spencer

4.    Eagle Scout Project

5.    Monmouth County Mosquito Commission Permits (Letter)                             

       6.     Dog Run at Harbor

       7.     Current Status:

                              (a)  Lenape Woods West

                              (b)  Lenape Woods Behind Conifer Village & Vaccaro Office Building

                              (c)  Many Mind Creek

                              (d)  School Outreach

                              (e)  Waterfront/Lenape Woods Day

       8.     Future Events