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JANUARY 20, 2009

(Asterisked items have close “lead times” and need attention now)

1. Earth Day - April. Set date, begin planning, appoint chair and assemble committee *

2. Septic study under “Smart Growth” program. Grant application is due for submission on March 31 and needs lots of work, including Governing Body resolution *

3. Lenape Woods:

  • Steward appointment needed. Doreen Silakowski resigned from Commission and
  • Ken Kociela was not re-appointed – they were Co-Stewards. *
  • April work day in Woods. Identify projects, recruit volunteers, publicize event *
  • Lenape Woods maps (deWitt)
  • Trail on Bachstadt property, and kiosk (Eagle project progress report)
  • Fence needed at Sears/Washington

4. Trail grant application submitted to DEP for Bayshore Trail trailheads and Lenape Woods

5. Environmental Commission budget:

  • What was total expenditure from 2008 Env Comm funds?
  • What amount is proposed for 2009 Borough budget?

6. Membership for 2009 in Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC)

From: Paul Boyd

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